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duminică, 14 august 2011

No boundaries

Push hard the arrow...
Into our heavy hearts.
Push like there's no tomorrow,
Like there's no hope for love,
To kill the sorrow...
Like there's no hand
To wipe the tears
Which kill us,
Like bloody killers,
Sinners with
The sin in their eyes.
Push the arrow
Hard into our hearts.
Let the curtain fall,
Throw down the mask...
No disguise.
Let them see your soul
Or your empty chest,
With no treasure in,
Like a black hole...
But if your chest is empty,
You can't feel love...
So what's you goal?
For what do you live?
In what do you believe?
You are better off dead
Than living like that...alone!
So let your heart speak...
Through it's beats,
Lay love onto your lover's feet
And after,
In to the sky, with wings of feelings...

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